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Session 5 begins next week 4/24!  Call us or stop by to sign up today!

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Here at JAG we believe in providing a solid foundation of body mechanics and movement along with social skills for children to utilize in the sport of gymnastics as well as other endeavors in their life. We as coaches assist in providing them with the tools neccessary to navigate through life successfully and through the sport of gymnastics. Gymnastics at JAG enhances your child's development through a positive mindset and an increased confidence in their body. Yes, I CAN! The sport of gymnastics provides a forum for children to develop important lifelong skills; determination, patience, persistence and resilience while enjoying the process of learning how to flip! We welcome you to the JAG family!



Session Dates

Session 1: 9/06/16 - 10/29/16

Session 2: 10/31/16 - 12/24/16

Session 3: 1/03/17 - 2/25/17

Session 4: 2/27/17 - 4/22/17

We are in WEEK 8 of this Session!

Session 5: 4/24/17 - 6/17/17

Session 6: 6/19/17 - 8/26/17

Call for more information on class days/times or to schedule your FREE TRIAL!


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Open Gym!

1 Hour/$8.00 for members & $10.00 for Non-Members
You can also use an Open Gym session as a make-up class

Equipment for Home and Gym

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